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2019-08-10 13:08:53

17 Tips if you do not know what to give from the Amazon store

You still arrive on time (the stores don't close on the Internet, the messengers are now famous for speed and, in any case, better late than never). Surely one of these ideas takes you out of the last minute rush.



But not just any watch. For the classics, a Tissot, its traditional model , for example, the most nostalgic and elegant of the entire Swiss watch family: 50's design, Roman numerals and complete minute books. The quintessential men's watch. Or a Seiko, a solar one . They work with light energy - not only with sunlight, but also with artificial light - avoiding the uncomfortable and anti-ecological battery change. Two minutes of light: one day of operation. Five minutes in the sun: six months giving the time, even stored in the dark in a drawer. 


2. «Cantabrian»

Directed by Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha, the Cantabrian documentary, nominated in the last Goya, enters a territory as magical as wild, that great natural wall parallel to the Cantabrian coast that houses between forests and different canyons and unexpected forms of life: animals almost never seen , images of overwhelming beauty. At times, it almost looks like a thriller, a production of capital quality that its narrative thread moves away from traditional nature documentaries.


3. The painted vinyl of «Sgt. Pepper's»

The eighth studio album by the historic British band The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, has just turned 50. To celebrate, the album was reissued in multiple formats, including picture disc, vinyl that change the usual black appearance (or colored in a single tone) of its surface by images or drawings. If your father is a devotee of Liverpool, there is no better gift for Father's Day than this: a limited and special edition of his most emblematic album to remember old times or hang it, framed, on the wall. 


4. Persol 714 sunglasses

A sure value year after year, but this year more: the sophisticated folding model of the Italian firm (Persol 714) has returned to the ointment without losing a gram of style. Its design has been undisturbed since Steve McQueen put them on in 1968, in the film The Case of Thomas Crown, giving him all the iconic value that today occurs its rounded mount and the arrow on its hinge. A classic that feels very, very, good.


5. Sports

For the most athletic parents, and for others too. Because the shoes have long stopped seeing each other with bad eyes on the asphalt, in the office or beyond 20 years. Now, getting tired of the stiffness of the shoe, we embrace without remorse the comfort of a good sport, its flexible rubber sole, its casual air, its designs - the recovered classics and also the riskiest ones. For a father we propose two options: the New Balance 990 in gray, this season's rage, a very American running model with more than 30 years of history, and the Wata Veja in black, with the white logo, classic, basic sneakers, and with green philosophy: all the designs of this brand are created from organic materials.


6. "Maus"

Simply, the best comic in history, owner of the first and only Pulitzer awarded to a comic. Maus is the fascinating biography of Vladek Spiegelman, a Polish Jew survivor of the Nazi death camps, told by his son Art, a cartoonist willing to leave a memory of the terrifying persecution suffered by millions of people in Europe under Hitler.


7. The PS4

We live in a time when there are a majority of parents who put more eyes on consoles than on colonies, cigars and braces. That is so and so we must assume it. So if your goal is to surprise a parent excited about the world of videogames, do not doubt: for the PS4, a machine with a varied catalog of titles (the most popular in the market) that also becomes the great center of multimedia entertainment in the house, allowing applications such as Amazon, Netflix or Spotify to be used.


8. A camera

Olympus Pen: combines excellent retro leather and metal design with state-of-the-art technology. It is comfortable, easy to transport - not like SLRs, which are sometimes very heavy - and, having WiFi, allows you to connect it to the phone and share the images instantly.


8.1 Xiaomi YI M1 4K

The mirrorless camera and interchangeable lenses of the Chinese giant is presented with an appetizing minimalist design and weighs only 280 grams. It has a powerful 20 megapixel image sensor and is capable of capturing the real color, with very fine details, of recording videos in high quality and, like Olympus, of connecting the machine to the mobile via WiFi.


9. A paddle shovel

So that you have some spare part -which is always appreciated- if your father is one of those who, at the minimum free time he finds, escapes to the paddle court. Or to encourage you to start in this sport, one of the ten most practiced in Spain, if you prefer the sofa. Its benefits are convincing: it reduces stress, enhances mental agility, improves elasticity, is not too physically demanding and fosters social relationships. But it demands material, the first push to get going. There are many shovels, but this is one of the best, among the most sold: a Dunlop for advanced and professional level, but that, thanks to its wide sweet spot, ease of handling, versatility and great playability, adapts to any type of player and game.


10. A good book

One of the two. Or, since it's Father's Day, both of us. The road, from Cormac McCarthy, Pulitzer Prize 2007, for how he describes the father-son relationship, but especially the father's love, his vehemence, his ability to keep hope alive in an apocalyptic and barren world of ashes and hunger. One of the great novels of universal literature. And the sports journalist because Richard Ford is an impeccable observer and because all his work is plagued by complex paternal-affiliate relationships. Not here But this work, Faulkner Prize, is what consecrated him. For one you have to start. And surely this, for your father, is a great option.

11. A multi-tool pen

A scale ruler, a bubble level (measuring instrument used to determine the horizontality or verticality of an item), a rechargeable pen, a stylus for touch screens and a small set of screwdrivers (flat and Phillips). All in one instrument (light and also beautiful). As a detail, you have heaven won.


12. A backpack

A Herschel is always a good idea. The brand of accessories for travelers is today a regular day to day, of the city, of the casual friday . Come on, it is not necessary to surrender to hiking to wear these backpacks, a type of bag that, in addition, is today a key item in the men's closet: somewhere you have to carry your computer, mobile phone, wallet, keys and Anything else that man wants to have on hand. The pockets no longer give for more. From Herschel we really like its elegant and sober design and, especially, its iconic strips.


13. Lego Architecture

It will seem like a virguería, whether your father is an architect (or lover of architecture, design and engineering), as if what makes him crazy is the mythical Lego toy or, simply, if he maintains a special bond with the cities that the Parts manufacturer reproduces here in miniature. Its Architecture range celebrates the past, present and future of urban construction: this set, that of the British capital , brings together the emblematic National Gallery, Nelson's Column, the London Eye, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge in an elegant set as a horizon. To build has been said. The result is very beautiful. 


14. A Swiss army knife

Safe bet. If you have to choose a Swiss army knife, it better be from the creators of the original:  Victorinox. This, in red , has its 24 original functions: large blade, small blade, corkscrew, can opener (with small screwdriver), uncovering machine (with screwdriver, stripper stripper), punch, stainless ring, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, multi-purpose hook, wood saw, chisel, nail file (with metal file, nail cleaning, metal saw), screwdriver and multi-purpose pliers (with press-offs, wire cutters).


15. An ergonomic mouse

If your father - or the father in question - spends a lot of time in the office or in front of the computer, he is likely to accuse physical discomfort from the continued use of the mouse, pain in the wrist, even carpal tunnel syndrome. Avoiding them is simple thanks to the ergonomic accessories: they minimize the tension on the hands, joints and forearms, stress and discomfort. This model, the CSL TM137U optical mouse , stands out especially for the accuracy of the movements; it is wireless; the quality of its materials, good; and is very well valued by users.


16. Beers of the world

The 12 best beers in the world , with clarifications about their respective origins, the stories of their creators and the reasons that make them so special. Recommendations so that your father knows what to accompany them and how to taste them. And a handful of coasters. At a minimum, an original gift. 


17. Wood wit games

This idea is about challenges, of spending hours thinking, of staying entertained, but also of developing ingenuity: six noble wooden puzzles . Perfect to concentrate alone or to enjoy with the family.




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