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Amazon is, let's say so, the marketplace par excellence. In it you can find products from all sectors, of varied prices, models ... And still, there is a wide variety of items that are not well received on the platform. That is why today in the blog we talk about it, these are some of the prohibited items on Amazon.

In general, the marketplace is subject to the laws of the main agencies that govern sales, both local and community. Therefore, when it detects restricted products, it reserves its right to act, either by modifying incorrect details, canceling listings of these products or even suspending the account.


Categories of prohibited items on Amazon

Amazon has up to 32 categories of banned or restricted products globally. We will not see them all, but we do review some of those who do not pass the filter in our country. We start!

Alimentation and drinks

The general rule in Amazon is that food and beverage products comply with the European regulations of 2014 in terms of packaging and labeling. In this sense, the ingredients must be included as well as the quantity and concentration thereof.

So, what are those products in the category that Amazon does not allow?

  • Products adulterated or with modified brands.
  • Products in which the packaging is modified, so that the expiration date, lot number and other aspects contemplated by the manufacturer are not visible.
  • Products made with protected animals such as dolphins or whales.
  • Products that pose a risk to human health.
  • Products expired or that have met the date of their preferred consumption.
  • Food products sold as medicines.
  • Counterfeit foods or those made with some type of drug.
  • New products that are pending registration by the corresponding entities.


It is not forbidden to sell alcohol on Amazon, but it is forbidden to do so with minors or without the relevant licenses. Some of the products that can be marketed in the marketplace are the following:

  • Beer, wine and other distillates.
  • Craft wine or beer kits.
  • Liquor bonbons.
  • Accessories for alcohol consumption, such as corks, corkscrews, jugs, etc.
  • Objects related to merchandising where alcohol appears but without alcohol content in itself: posters, collectibles, etc.

Medications and related items

Medications, drugs, dietary supplements or related items are prohibited on Amazon. We profile this section a little more to see what are the elements of the category not accepted by the eCommerce giant:

  • Prohibited to sell any drug or any substance listed as a dopant.
  • No fertilizers, seeds or plants, or substances to make illegal drugs.
  • No human or veterinary drugs, slimming products or the like.
  • Prohibited products adulterated, expired or withdrawn from sale.

Medical devices

We talk about medical devices when we refer to those that are related to health. Not medications, but accessories (let's say so) such as first aid kits, reading glasses, etc. In general, those that do not need a prescription and are manufactured in accordance with the law may be sold. Some of those that are banned on Amazon are: Second-hand products related to health. Anesthesia machines. Apnea monitors. Catheters, dialysis machines ... Hearing aids. Crowns and other articles related to dental health. Insulin pumps, etc.

And a long list that meets the standards mentioned above.


What cosmetics can be sold on Amazon? Those that are properly packaged and labeled, and that do not have any legal restrictions related to their composition.

The sale of open, expired containers that contain prohibited ingredients, ingredients that are a danger to public health, or products that need medical prescription use is not allowed.

Animals and animal products

Obviously, it cannot be marketed with live animals on Amazon, except for shellfish, worms and insects. However, you can sell accessories related to them, except for these:

  • Accessories related to dog or cock fighting.
  • Mothballs for moths.
  • Traps with glue for vertebrates other than mice, rats or moles.
  • Products that are manufactured with endangered or protected species.
  • Products made with sharks, whales, porpoises or dolphins. The only exception (we don't know why) are shark teeth.
  • Ivory or elephant tusks.
  • Species that can endanger ecosystems.


Tobacco (both cigarettes and vapers or electronic cigarettes containing nicotine) is totally prohibited on Amazon. No, however, those related accessories that do not contain nicotine: ashtrays, rolling machines, cutters, etc.

Maybe when we think of banned products from Amazon jewelry it is not one of the first categories that comes to mind, but if you are going to sell products of this type on the platform, check that you meet these requirements.

What are the restricted jewelry products for sale on Amazon?

  • Precious metals that lack a seal of authenticity.
  • Rough diamonds that do not comply with the relevant certification.
  • Precious ingot metals .


Although technology is one of Amazon's most cutting-edge sectors, it also has its restrictions. We will tell you that you can sell televisions, cordless phones in a normal way ... However, there is a list of prohibited products. These are some:

  • Meter modification devices.
  • Pirate decoders for satellite television.
  • Frequency inhibitors for the GPS, RC, telephony or similar signal.
  • FRS / GMRS radios.
  • Portable lasers
  • Copies of video games and the like.
  • Kindle batteries.
  • Cylindrical lithium-ion batteries type 14500, 16340, 18650, 20700, 21700 and 26650.
  • Streaming media players that are not compatible with Prime Video and Music despite specifying that they are.

Cars and motorcycles

At Amazon, sellers are obliged to provide services that allow return. Therefore, vehicles are not allowed for sale. Neither are airbags and the like, non-approved vehicle spare parts, or seat belts and their components.

Yes, for example, emergency triangles, motorcycle helmets, lubricants, wheels, and spare parts for vehicles are allowed as long as they are approved.


What is considered a weapon and what is not? It is a complicated issue, also for Amazon. However, they have their own rules in this regard: they can sell simulated weapons, including pellets and pellets. But they are prohibited:

  • Any type of firearm.
  • Bows, crossbows, hunting bows and diving harpoons.
  • Gun kits.
  • Weapons and ammunition accessories not allowed.
  • Cheers
  • Collector Guns
  • Explosives
  • American fists.
  • Pepper spray.
  • Tear gas.
  • Compressed air or gas guns with a kinetic energy greater than 3.5 joules.
  • Paintball guns   with a kinetic energy greater than 16 joules.

Other categories

There are other products from other categories not allowed on Amazon either. Here are some:

  • Counterfeit clothing brands.
  • Products with offensive messages that incite hatred.
  • Magazines and newspapers.
  • Stocks, securities, currencies, bills or stamps.

And so far our review of those items banned on Amazon. The list (obviously) is much larger and you can check it on the marketplace website itself . But it sure serves as a first approach on the subject.

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